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Nov 03

Halloween in the woods

On Halloween, Audio Epics was present at the Fiesta de la Fantasia in Troostembergbos, Belgium. Lonely wanderers could find us deep in the woods at night and listen to music from The Will of the Woods, get books and CD’s and even have a sip of Rootleaf juice!

Oct 20

Witch Hunter Dramatized Audio Trailer

Witch Hunter is a an epic gothic fantasy novel. It is the revised and expanded version of the award-winning audio drama “The Witch Hunter Chronicles” by the same author. This is the trailer for this exciting production. Please enjoy and share it!

Aug 24

Witch Hunter novel

Good news again! You can now  order Witch Hunter, the novel, from Amazon’s Createspace store! It’s a beautiful 350-page matt soft cover release, featuring inside illustrations by Eva Brarens, who also created the cover art.

Aug 20

Witch Hunter e-book release

Good news, everyone! “Witch Hunter”, the e-book, will be released on the first of September! You can pre-order it now on Amazon!    

Jul 27

New preview Witch Hunter Dramatized Audiobook!

With this new preview Witch Hunter Dramatized Audiobook was officially announced to be released. In the first preview you heard about Ludlov’s approach to the city of Sevenpeaks while it was burning. This second preview features a snippet from the early parts of the book, we learn a bit about the witch hunter’s inner turmoil. Preview …

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Jun 10

The road to Witch Hunter – Part 1

The road to “Witch Hunter” by Domien De Groot People have asked me where the story of “Witch Hunter” comes from and when they do, I shudder. Not because there’s anything wrong with that question, but simply because it makes me think back on the long, long road to the version we are currently making: …

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May 25

Audio Epics Podcast – new episode

As most of you will know, about a year ago we launched a crowdfunding campaign to make this project possible and the results of that were very good. We are now in the process of making the audiobook and for all the people out there who have pledged to the campaign and are waiting for …

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Mar 16

World of Witch Hunter Weekly #1 : The beginnings of Ivennenborgh

Today marks the inauguration of a new feature on the Audio Epics website. With Witch Hunter: the dramatized audiobook in the making, we felt it would be a good idea to introduce the lore of the world with a weekly nugget of information that brings to life the universe inhabited by Ludlov and Samina, bit …

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Feb 01

The Will of the Woods

The Will of the Woods is a fantasy audio drama for all ages. Both children and adults can enjoy it. The audio drama brings a mysterious world to life with a distinct sense of magic and atmosphere, combining a richly layered original music score with great voice acting and sound effects. The story itself is …

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Oct 02

Awesome interview about WITCH HUNTER: the dramatized audiobook

Audio Epics fantasy audio drama

Jack Ward from the Sonic Society had a Skype conversation with Domien and Eline from Audio Epics to talk about the upcoming “Witch Hunter” dramatized audiobook. You can listen to it on Youtube now!