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Mar 06

Bloody puppets!

You can hear the voice of Audio Epics‘ Domien De Groot in Puppets, a new audio drama from 19 Nocturne Boulevard, written and directed by Julie Hoverson. Domien plays the evil brigadier in this disturbing and graphic tale of horror and chopped-off limbs. You can listen to Puppets here. You can find many more disturbing …

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Jan 27

Highly Recommended

Audio Epics’ grim fantasy epic The Witch Hunter Chronicles made it to the Staff Recommended List of audio productions over at The Audio Drama Directory, one of the internet’s biggest audio drama websites!

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Jan 12

Coming soon…

Find out more about our newest project “The Will of the Woods”, now in the making!

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Jan 12

Listen for free!

Audio Epics brings to you quality fantasy audio drama for free! Download all nine episodes of our award-winning epic “The Witch Hunter Chronicles” right here on this website!  

Jan 12 2012

This is Audio Epics!

Audio Epics is a small Belgian group of determined lovers of the medium of audio drama. We are committed to bringing this almost forgotten medium back into the spotlights by creating stories with the charm and imagination of traditional, old-fashioned audio drama as well as a sense of quality and spectacle that is distinctly modern.