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Witch Hunter

This is the best audio book I have heard in years. It is well written and dramatized by very talented actors. This audiobook well worth the time to listen to. After only a few minutes I was hooked with a story that transported you to the gothic world of 7 peaks. Everything in this production just seems to click: the story music and the acting. Well done! I hope its not the last we have heard of Ludlov…

– Alan McEvoy

Just astonishing! I’ve been searching for an interesting story and came across this. I highly recommend it. Usually it takes a lot to drag me into a story and this attracted my attention immediately. I loved it and can’t wait to listen to more! I’ll be recommending it to my peers who also enjoy audio books. – I feel like I’m watching a movie rather than listening to an audio book. The amount of detail captures me in such a way I can’t stop listening so far I’ve listened to two videos without pause or break! Can’t wait to hear more and I’ll hate it when I’m finished.

– Isaiah ZERO

I just heard this tale for the first but not last time. It was none other then epic. How else do you describe wandering home in the rain with your little umbrella, protecting your electronics while listening to the last chapter of The Witch Hunter. And as the end music plays, you step into the door of your home, and first there notices your shoes are a soaking, as one happy tear gathering at the edge of your eye. “For they shall meet again”

– Christian le Dous

Just found this amazing work congratulations!

– Kaylee

If ever there was a way to do something right, this is it. WOW . You took me to another world.

– John P M

one of if not the best audio books that i have listened to. Well written, voiced, scored, edited amazing. Keep up the amazing work. I look forward to more in the series. (I wish somebody would make it a movie)

– David McBeardface

Twist after twist after bloody twist. I binged this all in one go and was not disappointed. Absolutely brilliant. Your story even inspired me to create a new character for my fantasy series.

– The Azure Arbiter

What a rare treat to discover such an amazing story with superior production value. I have no idea how you have achieved such heights. I am sure it was hard work and long hours… Thank you.

– Kristine Long

I love love LOVE your work. Cannot wait for the next thing you guys release. The heart that’s in your stories is something really lacking in a lot of storytelling, audio drama or otherwise. Big fan!

– Sean

I can’t tell you how much this series was thoroughly enjoyed. I listened to this with my Mother who loved it also. Like coming to the end of a beloved book (in the physical sense) we were both saddened. We were pleased however to find The Will of the Woods. (smiles) I have only recently discovered the joys of listening to fictitious stories via an electronic medium after finding H.P Lovecraft stories here on youtube. This was very special. I had everything from Genesis/Revalations running through my head and an old story of Lucifer filling seven viles to apease God with his tears, to amazing Imagery of witch trial burnings, gorgeous cathedrals, emence ravens and the ending was truly magical. We are very Greatful for this work. Beautifully narrated by you both.

– Sink Ronicity

If all the audiobooks where like this one more people, especially young people, would be interested to read or at least listen to good stories like this one and experiencing some real culture.

– Hiround Blazer

This was amazing. Going to re-listen to it with my wife. 10/10!

– Cascade_Gaming

Absolutely great….a rich tale, creative and engrossing. Prepare to read a story you will have difficulty putting down. The Dramatized Audiobook is an A+

– Ta (Amazon review)

That was crazy interesting!

– Cristina Valenzuela

Awesome story!

– Zachery Looney

the best audiobook series I’ve heard so far!

– freeriot99

Whoa! What A Great Listen To! – What A Story! – BRAVO!
Take A Bow, You Two!

– Rand Tor-Tim Mungin

Wow, only 30 minutes in and I’m already hooked! I appreciate the background sounds, keeps me engaged with the story.

– Hallie Murray

This is a really good book, I’m surprised it don’t get turned into a movie

– Ruben Haney

This is going like viral in my hostel. I first started listening and suggested it to my friends and it spread like fire. Love your work man just DON’T STOP

– Tanmoy Roy

I don’t know how I stumbled onto this but I’m glad I did. Great job folks. Really great job!

– Thor Son

The ending of this video got me to stop working and just wait at the edge of my seat lol love the voice acting and captivating music!

– YoJon

This audiobook is just awesome! I would love to see a whole world with many many books to be written in. – Thank you all very much for this epic awesome piece of art! It’s just perfect

I listen to audiobooks nearly every day since 3 years and this is the best so far. Story is awesome, makes sense and once started you can’t stop.
Characters are very well designed and voices fit just perfectly. Character and story progression is not too fast and not too slow. It fits everything else  and the story twists unexpected but all of them are well done and they make sense.

Audiobook in one word: awesome!

Thank you so much. Can’t wait for the next one. I’ll definitely buy the next one. Can’t wait for it!

– Y4 H

I cried like a little girl after far this is the best audiobook I’ve ever listened to. thank you so much for creating such a wonderful piece of work.

– itzlykecandie

Omg… more like this please! This is the kind of work that is getting me back into voice acting! Great work! Shalom Amen!

– Sir Marqus Kane

Please tell me how to get more of these audio drama’s. The work is amazing and I have to have MORE. If not I fear I might need an audio drama detox… Thanks for the experience of living in a different time.

– Jerimi Werner

This is great! The sound effects and the narrator’s voice make a great ambiance. The story itself is fun too. Thank you for your effort! – Favorite chapter was 7, favourite character was Gustav by far. His voice and script was ‘spot on’. Please more of him in the sequel.

– Dallas Mt2sea

Excellent story!! I am impressed!! – This is WONDERFUL!

– Lisa S

I have heard many audiobooks but this is my favorite by far! Thank u and keep up the good work.

– snowbunny378

Wow! More like this please… Superb!

– E.K. Colleni

Great job guys, great job!

– Karl Gimblett

My god this is so epic!

– Archangel

The Witch Hunter Chronicles is one of the best dark fantasy audio dramas I’ve ever experienced. The score and the brilliant storytelling kept me rapt. We look forward to hearing a more expanded immersion into Ludlov’s world.

– Matthew J. Boudreaux

Amazing story, this was my very first story that was in audiobook format and i gotta say i expected the story being read with the same tone of voice for every character and no emotion in it and your story did something to me that only happens to me very rarely when im reading or listening to a story: it made me laugh, made me shocked, made me suprised but the one thing did it for me is that the story sometimes made me even shed a tear and that my friend almost never happens. The sounds, the voices, the music and the emotions, it made me feel as if i was right there sometimes and that is something i hardly can do with just a book .
Thank you so much for such a great story Audio Epics

– Captain Pint

This is amazing. I love it! I usually read a book, but this is fantastic. All the music and sound effects really set the mood. Keep this going please!!!

– Kayskaye Howard

Thank-you for such entertaining words! The book comes alive; I can see the action.

– Ellie Rice

Greetings! I’ve been recovering from an eye surgery for some time. Being half blind and in bed permanentely made me discover audiobooks and lots of material for blind people. And also made me recognize the importance of a good dramatization. You’re the best!! Thank You. I’ll move on to chapter three. 🙂

– Maria Pavia

I’m really enjoying this!

– Foxiepaws ACAnderson

This is awesome!

– JornTra

Very good voiceover!

– Zoran Berntsson

Well done!

– John Pate

This is Awesome! Thanks!

– Horus Lupercal Aurelian

The level of detail and production quality of this audiobook is outstanding!

– Rob Compton

YES!!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!!! – I Love you guys!!!

– Cole Thompson

As a fellow writer, I deeply enjoy your writing style and plot development.

– theRoyalSparrow

What an amazing find. Thanks! Fantastic production quality!

– True Knysna Indigenous Creations

It will be nice to see an anime or tv show about this story.

– Saladin Shadowmoon

I am LOVING this! I am huge fan of the Dragonage and The Witcher book series. And this story has that “flavor” of both series. The templars in Dragonage have the Rite of Annulment and the main witch hunter Ludlov reminds me a bit of Geralt of Rivia with his mannerisms, temperament and personality. But it is still completely its own original story… I don’t have a lot of time to read and fortunately my job is such that I can listen to audiobooks and work at the same time. So am never bored. Great job on the writing and to everyone who contributed to the story and podcast. I can’t wait to start the Will of the Woods series! 🙂 Oh and the doctor that heals Semina reminds of Dandelion from The Witcher. At least his mannerisms anyway. The doctor had me snickering the whole time…

– Mindy Stoermann

I didn’t know this epic book, but in my search for a audiobooks to study English I found out this and I cannot stop to listen it. It’s the best audiobook that I ever have listened! Congrats for the book and the podcast comments.

– Luiz Augusto Azevedo

First I was like… please Sir don’t pull something that obvious on your audience…. then I was like. WTF just happened this is awesome?! […] Don’t want to spoiler anyone in here. But in the end I gotta say well done for that whole story and transferring it to audio. It’s a good mix between well known fantasy tropes (which is needed so the interested audience can relate) and some inovation flavoured with an subtle ammount of trolling the audience. Can’t wait for new projects.

– EvilGNU

I did start crying. It’s rare that I start to cry from a book, but here I did.

– Jorn Dyrendalsli

Absolutely brilliant and fascinating story. Very well performed!

– Valeri Escobedo

Epic twist!!

– Andrew B

Dope storytelling… It makes my work go by very fast.

– Charley Davrill


– Antwan1357

I must admit, when I saw the title, I assumed it would be “Warhammer Fantasy” story, so I primarily clicked on it cause of that, but even after I figured out it’s not, I still sticked around and listen to it, and I’m not disappointed 🙂 It’s a great audio book to listen to.

– MrSedsone

Best thing I have experienced in the last couple of weeks! Completely addicted!!!

– Ivy Mutisya

Really good story and great soundtrack. Kinda reminds me of Solomon Kane a bit. Keep up the goodness.

– Uncle Biz

This is a fantastic story, beautifully acted out for listeners. Thank you. – My favourite character was the storyteller of the ghost children. Loved him.

– Jennifer McDonald

I loved this story and wish you the best of luck.

– C.J.B.

Just awesome guys and gals. I totally love it! I can’t wait for more. Thank you ever so much!

– Mike Seymour

Just finished Witch Hunter. Great work. Hope to see it on podiobooks. It really deserves some attention (and with luck some additional donations for you).

– Gehrt Dichgarnixan

This was amazing too listen too. I loved every bit, it was an absolute adventure and pleasure to listen too. Thank you for creating such an amazing piece. All the best too you and your family.

– Saffron Leigh

Totally love it! Really awesome! I thought this type of entertainment was going to go out the window due to modern technology… You Rock it. I want to hear more stuff from you guys.

– Ayracha Larsen

Thanks for the quality audio book and all, I will be following your next works :). I’m very impressed!

– Uzay Dogan

Brilliant. One of the best audiobook I have ever listened to if not the best!

– Danny McDevitt

You have such a unique approach to audio book readings. You and your wife do an amazing job and creating an immersive experience!! I wish there were more audio dramas, and I can’t wait to listen to your next pieces.

– Stevie Fx

Recently, I finished the whole story and I have to say it was a great, great pleasure for me to immerse into this dark and fascinating universe of the ‘Witch Hunter’. Firstly, I too was sure it will be a tale set in the Warhammer universe (of which I am a great fan and currently I’m trying my hands at writing some stories set in this world) but I was so mesmerized by its atmosphere, original plot and your rich and climatic descriptions of every scene that I would listen to the record every time I could 🙂 I have to admit that I was never fond of audiobooks, as I would always choose a paper version over an audio record, but thanks to you and your wife I think I will give them another try. Now, I’m getting myself ready for the ‘Will of the Woods’ as soon as I’ll be done with reading some lovecraftian stuff for my MA thesis. I would love to hear more of you in the future sir.

– H4rbing3r TM

I got looped on this like 3 days ago and I have not been able to stop listening. I was actually looking for a Warhammer book but this came up instead and boy am I glad it did. I thought this was a Warhammer book at first.?

– Lika blok

This has been a wonderful journey! thank you so much for bringing us along and thank you for the wonderful gift! I look forward to your future endeavors!

– MarcoPolo3

A great story expertly told, well done.

– Tony Roberts

The Will of The Woods

Absolutely brilliant! Please keep bringing us your wonderful stories with such amazing style and so beautifully acted! The music is perfect throughout!

– Valeri Escobedo

Amazing. Love the voices and dramatization… It really makes you feel like you’re in the story. Thank you!

– Kristina Thomas

Omg. I love this.

– Jorn Dyrendalsli

this series hit me hard, I relate to the wraith myself..amazing listen, put me right in the great woods in my minds eye. keep up the great work

– Lucas Wacker

This deserves more attention, excellent work!

– Brian Hinson

I love it. 2 great stories. We need more! I’m hooked. Gonna share on Facebook!

– Marcus Farcus

I completely agree these stories are great, I love listening.

– Ariel Endsley

Really good tale. Keep it up!

– Liam Moore

I got eye surgery done and had to resort to only listening. I came across this story and I really enjoyed it!

– Peter

Lovely story. Reminds me of ‘The wind in the willows’. Beautiful words.

– Jennifer McDonald

Keep it up guys. You are great at bringing stories to life, thru the way they are written, to the excellent audio!?

– Michael Stover

I just found your channel and I just wanted to let you know that I love your stories… I really look forward to listening more. I don’t understand why you don’t have more followers, you’re very talented!!! I love your accents! Keep it up guys!!!!

– Dolores Tovar

You guys deserve so many more views! If you keep this up, your channel should blow up. 🙂 Pretty upset about no more stories for a while after this one, but quality over quantity. You could possibly fill in gaps for your fans with popular books; as I know you’d be able to create a far better audio book than any others out already! So many just have no energy in their readings, it’s sad. – I just finished this short story, and I’m pretty sure someone is cutting onions in my room. The ending was absolutely brilliant. 100% masterpiece of a short story.

– Broc