Audio Epics currently has accomplished three large creative projects.

Witch Hunter Dramatized Audiobook CD coverWitch Hunter is a large-scale dark fantasy story.  The 13-hour-long dramatized audiobook was released in 2015. This version replaces The Witch Hunter Chronicles, which was the first audio version of this epic adventure. It introduced us to the Witch Hunter Ludlov and the city of Sevenpeaks. This 3, 5-hour-long audio drama is currently no longer available. Still, it did win the honourable mention in the Ogle Awards 2010.
It has been expanded to novel-length to get to the novel and then the dramatized audiobook. Moreover, some changes were made to the plot.

Then there is the spin-off The Beast of the Western Wilds. This story takes place before Witch Hunter.
It’s more like a novella, one of Ludlov’s cases as a Witch Hunter that we get to experience as a listener. It’s a standalone fantasy adventure with some horror elements and a couple of references to Witch Hunter for the fans. And of course, there’s a beast involved…

We also have The Will of the Woods available on this website. This is a gentler story, suitable for all ages. It takes place in the mysterious Infinite Woods, where magic still roams, animals can talk and Elves dwell in the trees. The Will of the Woods won the Gold Ogle Award 2012. This classic fantasy fairytale is one of our favourite projects. It will transport you to another world full of wonder, darkness but also light. Someone once called it ‘The Lord of the Rings for Children’, which was the best compliment we could hope for.

All three of these epic tales are available for free on YouTube, and Podbean with introductions to each episode. They are also available to stream or purchase on Bandcamp. For those who still prefer to turn pages, both The Beast of the Western Wilds and Witch Hunter are available on Amazon as a novel(la). The main theme  of The Beast (the dramatized audiobook) by Peter Van Riet is also available on Amazon. For those who would love a CD version of these epic tales… Those can also be purchased on this website, from the Trepstar platform.

With these stories we want to bring back traditional fantasy like the works of Tolkien. We put our hearts and souls into these projects and they usually take a long time to be created from an empty Word document to a fully dramatized audiobook.

The Beast of the Western Wilds

Ludlov is the most respected Witch Hunter in Sevenpeaks. In this new adventure, our hero travels to the edges of the civilised world to hunt down a mysterious creature that has been terrorising a small town. Upon his arrival, the Witch Hunter is thrown into a plot involving kidnapping, dark family secrets and the most …

Witch Hunter – Dramatized Audiobook

What is the “Witch Hunter Dramatized Audiobook”? Witch Hunter : the novel Witch Hunter is the revised and expanded version of the award-winning audio drama ‘The Witch Hunter Chronicles’ by the same author. Witch Hunter is a dark fantasy novel that tells the story of Ludlov, one of the most respected witch hunters in Sevenpeaks. When …